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Results Oriented Program

” Dr. Basu-Ray’s mentorship was invaluable, offering unwavering support and insightful feedback. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge through integrative practices is truly inspiring. “

-Dr. Reetoban Dutta, MED-PEDS RESIDENT Tulane University medical center

Taught By Proven Professionals

Led by top physician-scientists, our program enhances residency prospects with comprehensive support and impactful publications.

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Reetobaan Datta
Psychiatry Resident at VCU

” I am profoundly grateful for his mentorship, which has significantly shaped my professional journey and helped me in matching to a residency program where I am extremely happy at! “

Nandita Bhalla
Incoming Resident at Tulane University

“I’m an incoming resident at a university program in the US.  Additionally, I talked about the research project in my CV for residency. It is a good experience for potential US residency applicants.”

Dr. Mridul Sarangal
Psychiatry Resident at VCU

” I was able to get into best residency programs under Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray’s Guidance”

Frequently Asked Questions

The MD Research Consortium is a specialized program that trains international medical graduates in research methodologies. It assists in publications to boost their profiles for highly competitive residency programs in the USA.

The residency research training program provides rigorous training in biostatistics, scientific writing, and other key research areas, culminating in the opportunity for participants to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

The program typically spans three months but can be extended if candidates seek guaranteed publication. It is designed to accommodate remote participation, requiring 14-20 hours of dedication per week.

Candidates can visit the MD Research Consortium website, or contact via the provided phone numbers and email addresses for more information on application procedures and program details.

We offer two types of publication opportunities. First, students can participate in ongoing research programs at our institute. Based on their contribution and dedication, their name will be included in the paper. Second, students can suggest and select a research topic of their interest, and we will assist them in conducting research on that topic.

However, please note that if the chosen topic is not a part of our ongoing research program, the student needs to sign up for our year-long program. The research process takes at least one year, and the publication will be released as an abstract or in an academic journal.

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