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Tips To Crack US Residency

Residency Research Training Program for International Medical Graduates applying for USA residency.

Research Training program for USA Residency - Empowering International Medical Graduates

Residency Research Training Program

Dive into our dedicated Research Training Program tailored for International Medical Graduates seeking residency in the United States. Led by the renowned academic clinical research faculty. The MD Research Consortium provides unparalleled research training and mentorship, facilitating your journey towards securing a top-tier residency.

Forge Your Residency Success: Training at MD Research Consortium!

Enhance ERAS profiles with rigorous Biostatistics, scientific writing, and critical analysis training led by distinguished faculty. Publish research and excel in residency interviews.

Overview of the US Residency Training Program

Led by top physician-scientists, our program enhances residency prospects with comprehensive support and impactful publications. While we prioritize interview skills, USMLE scores, research achievements, and scholarly submissions, residency placement cannot be guaranteed. Our dedicated faculty ensures aspirations translate into achievements.

Research Training

Elevate Your Residency Application with Strategic Research and Mentorship

The MD Research Consortium offers a rigorous three-month research training program designed for medical graduates worldwide. Accomplished physicians lead this program and provide essential research methodology skills and pathways to guaranteed scholarly publications, enhancing your residency application and Letters of Recommendation (LOR). With flexible remote participation, it accommodates concurrent clinical observerships, ensuring global accessibility and bolstering your application’s competitiveness.

Student Training and Residency Research Program

MD Research Consortium: Your Partner in Achieving Residency Success

Under the aegis of the MD Research Consortium, our structured residency training program offers a rigorous educational journey, meticulously curated by our erudite faculty. Emphasizing biostatistical acumen and scientific communication, this training program unfolds through intricate training in crafting abstracts, comprehensive reviews, and conducting meta-analyses. The crescendo of this scholarly orchestration is the opportunity for fellows to disseminate their research in esteemed peer-reviewed journals. Predominantly, our scholars engage in the scholarly pursuit of sourcing journal articles and mastering the art of article crafting. Final touches by the seasoned MD Research Consortium experts ensure the scholarly work is refined for submission to premier journals. Upon triumphant culmination of this scholarly passage, our committed team endeavors to place your work in journals of high repute for publication. It is imperative to acknowledge the protracted timeline of publication post-submission, typically spanning a year. Prompt engagement in our training consequently enhances the prospects of featuring your research endeavors in recommendation letters and the ERAS application, thereby augmenting your academic dossier for residency consideration.

Purpose and Scope

 A Comprehensive Residency Research Training Program at the Helm

Our short-term residency program, offers a rigorous curriculum to hone your research acumen. Whether you aim for abstracts or peer-reviewed papers, our program, extending up to three months with an option for guaranteed publication, is flexible to accommodate your clinical observership. Under the tutelage of a plethora of academic physicians you will dedicate 14-20 hours weekly to research excellence.

Letter of Recommendation

Endorsement of Excellence in Research Training Program

Our Letter of Recommendation (LOR) signifies the pinnacle of excellence attained through our rigorous research training program. Reserved for graduates who demonstrate outstanding scholarly commitment and achievement, this endorsement celebrates their tenacity and intellectual contributions. It serves as a powerful testament to their dedication and enhances their profile in academic and professional pursuits, solidifying their distinction in the field of research.

Exclusive Publications

Program Schedule

Research Training Course for Resident Applicant

Research Training Course for Resident Applicant

Medical Research: Planning to Publication
Module 1: Introduction to Research Methodology and Biostatistics Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal
Module 2: Research Design and Clinical Trials Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan
Module 3: Exploring Data and concept of probability Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 4: Sampling Techniques and Sample Size Calculation
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 5: Fundamentals of Biostatistics
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 6: Hypothesis Testing (bio-statistical tests and analysis through SPSS)
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 7: Association and Time Statistics
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 8: How to conduct and write Systematic Review
Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 9: How to conduct and write Meta-analysis
Dr. Dibbendhu Khanra/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 10: How to conduct and write Network meta-analysis
Dr. Dibbendhu Khanra/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 11: Medical Writing Basics and Structure
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 12: Manuscript Preparation and Publication
Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan


Results Oriented Program

” Dr. Basu-Ray’s mentorship was invaluable, offering unwavering support and insightful feedback. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge through integrative practices is truly inspiring. “

-Dr. Reetoban Dutta, MED-PEDS RESIDENT Tulane University medical center


Results Oriented Program

” I was able to get into best residential programs under Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray’s Guidance”

– Dr. Mridul Sarangal
   Psychiatry Resident

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