Your Pathway to Residency Success

Welcome to the MD Research Consortium's Residency Training Program, designed specifically for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) aspiring to secure a residency in the United States. Our program is led by a group of eminent clinical physician-scientists from all specialties and subspecialities, ensuring you receive unparalleled research training and mentorship.

Why Choose Our Residency Training Program?

Trusted by over 30,000 students and doctors! Our Research Fellowship Program is renowned for its comprehensive approach, providing you with the skills and knowledge essential for your residency journey

The MD Residency Training Research Program offers numerous benefits, including hands-on research experience, mentorship from experts, and specialized training. Participants enhance their academic skills, such as writing and presenting, while networking with peers and professionals. The program strengthens college applications through valuable research experience, provides exposure to advanced topics, builds confidence and independence through individual projects, and allows students to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge

MD Research Consortium’s one-to-one live training offers personalized instruction, immediate feedback, and tailored learning experiences. This direct interaction enhances understanding, practical application, and skills development, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of research methodologies and practices.

MD Research Consortium’s neurological science and internal medicine programs are exceptional, offering personalized live mentorship, cutting-edge research exposure, and a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness. This ensures a transformative educational experience, producing highly skilled and compassionate practitioners ready to lead in their fields.

  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology Surgical Science

Key Features of Our Program

Residency MATCH© Preparation

  • Intensive guidance on writing papers and publication.
  • Personalized mentorship to enhance your residency application profile.

Research Excellence

  • In-depth training in clinical research methodologies, data analysis, and scientific writing, chance to publish in top tier peer reviewed journal.
  • Opportunities to participate in high-impact research projects, contributing to peer-reviewed publications.

Comprehensive Training

Residency Training Research Program for International Medical Graduates applying for USA residency

Your Pathway to Residency Success

Benefits of Our Residency Training Research Program

MD Research Consortium: Your Partner in Achieving Residency Success

  • Enhanced Residency Applications: Gain a competitive edge with a strong research background.
  • Expert Mentorship: Learn from leading experts in the field of medical research.
  • Publication Opportunities: Contribute to high-impact journals and present at prestigious conferences.
  • Career Advancement: Build a robust professional network and enhance your CV.
  • Personalized Support: Tailored advice and feedback to ensure your success.
Letter of Recommendation

Endorsement of Excellence in Research Residency Training

Graduates who emerge with distinction at the conclusion of our rigorous  Residency Training will be honored with a formal Letter of Recommendation. Such an endorsement celebrates the tenacious spirit and scholarly excellence exhibited throughout the program. It serves to underscore the remarkable efforts and intellectual accomplishments achieved by these individuals. This endorsement is not just a form of recognition—it is a substantive vouch for their unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the realm of research. Granted solely to those who meet and exceed the program’s comprehensive criteria, this Letter of Recommendation is a potent attestation of their scholarly commitment and a valuable asset in their ongoing academic and professional pursuits.

Program Schedule

Our program is structured to accommodate your needs, with flexible modules that you can complete at your own pace. Each module is designed to build your skills progressively, ensuring you are well-prepared for your residency applications.

Module 1: Introduction to Research Methodology and Biostatistics Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal
Module 2: Research Design and Clinical Trials Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan
Module 3: Exploring Data and concept of probability Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 4: Sampling Techniques and Sample Size Calculation
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 5: Fundamentals of Biostatistics
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 6: Hypothesis Testing (bio-statistical tests and analysis through SPSS)
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 7: Association and Time Statistics
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 8: How to conduct and write Systematic Review
Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 9: How to conduct and write Meta-analysis
Dr. Dibbendhu Khanra/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 10: How to conduct and write Network meta-analysis
Dr. Dibbendhu Khanra/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

Module 11: Medical Writing Basics and Structure
Dr. Abhijit Dutta/ Dr. Bhavit Bansal

Module 12: Manuscript Preparation and Publication
Dr. Anindya Mukherjee/ Dr. Inbaraj Ganagarajan

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