Research Program for International Medical Graduates applying for USA residency.

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Purpose and Scope

AAYM conducts a short-term fellowship to train medical graduates in research methodology and help them with publication.

This process involves meticulous training of these graduates under the distinguished guidance of Dr. Indranill Basu-Ray, with the overarching goal of fostering high- quality research training that may, upon meeting defined standards, result in potential publications either as abstracts or papers in peer-reviewed journals. The fellowship will span for a period of three months. Interested candidates can extend the period also if they are interested in guaranteed publication. The program can run concomitantly to any Clinical observership if the incumbent promises to dedicate the appropriate research time. Which is around 14-20 hours a week for three months. This fellowship can be done remotely without physical presence.

Filling a critical Gap

This has been started given the importance of recommendation letters for a medical graduate’s career advancement, particularly in the context of residency applications in the USA.

It is well-recognized that recommendation letters obtained from comprehensive research experiences are highly sought after as they are powerful instruments in furthering a medical career, not only in getting into residency but also in subsequent career paths.
From our personal experience and our faculties who have been running programs at the specialty and the super-specialty levels, in the interview, people are asked about their research experience and any publications they might have. Therefore, AAYM commits to facilitating the acquisition of high-quality recommendation letters that reflect medical graduates’ substantial research and academic experiences. With publication in reputable journals and support from AAYM, these letters aim to enhance students’ competitiveness in securing highly competitive academic residency positions in the USA.


AAYM has a history of research in cardiology and integrative cardiology and has a history of training medical graduates who have successfully matched to residency program.

AAYM is fully committed to offering comprehensive support to research trainees during the publication process. Any publication it may be remembered augments tremendously application for residency and or fellowships.

Research Recommendation Letter

After successful training in research methodology, including doing a literature search and writing for a paper, the applicant will be provided with a Research Recommendation Letter highlighting their research experience to support the medical graduate's applications.

This could be the most important amongst the three letters needed for ERAS. After years of experience with thousands of applicants, most program directors and interviewers can easily interpret the extent of applicants’ research work. It is essential to do dedicated research work, requiring up to two hours a day or around 14-20 hours a week to get a good letter and publications.
These are the most potent instruments for getting into residency, particularly in a good residency, which becomes mandatory if the candidates wish to proceed to do super specialty training. Therefore, the lack of appropriate research during medical school in most international medical schools prohibits otherwise very intelligent and brilliant students from getting into the appropriate residency of their caliber and subject. This is based on the experience of many international medical graduates. AAYM helped them get into successful residencies, including in top-grade academic institutions that take mostly American graduates.

Student Training and Research Fellowship

Under AAYM’s structured research fellowship program, students will undergo rigorous training. This curriculum, overseen by AAYM’s faculty members, emphasizes Biostatistics and scientific writing, including abstracts, reviews, and meta-analyses. The program culminates with students having the opportunity to publish their research in peer reviewed journals.

Most of the work will involve searching for journal papers and writing articles for publication. AAYM Experts will then finalize it to make it publishable in top journals. Upon successfully completing this process, the AAYM team will approach high-impact journals for publication. It is important to realize that most publications take almost a year after submission. So, earlier training increases the chance of being included in the recommendation letter and the ERAS application.
Students may also showcase their work at prestigious global conferences, boosting their academic profile as part of the residency application and, in the future, for super specialty fellowship and academic faculty applications. It may be remembered that such publication in a good journal is used throughout the medical career, not just to get into medical residency. This immersive experience equips students with the skills and experience vital for securing highly competitive residency positions in the US and beyond.

Letter of Recommendation

Upon completing the research fellowship program, students demonstrating exceptional dedication and proficiency will earn a formal Letter of Recommendation. This recognition highlights their hard work and achievements during the fellowship, bolstering their academic and professional career.

The Letter of Recommendation is a testament to their commitment and accomplishment during the research fellowship program, adding value to their academic and professional endeavors. This recommendation is exclusively provided to the students who successfully complete the program.

Academic and Research Overview

AAYM is known for its steadfast commitment to excellence and innovative research fellowship. Led by influential figures like Dr Indranill Basu-Ray has become a guiding force for many who have applied, successfully got multiple interviews, and been matched to top residency programs.

While AAYM’s recommendation letter and a research publication significantly bolster the chances of securing residency interviews and offers, it is vital to recognize that AAYM cannot guarantee residency. The final results exclusively rest on a student’s performance in interviews, USMLE scores, successful completion of research, and the quality of their research recommendation letter and published works. However, sufficient handholding is done for any dedicated student to ensure that the hard work and dedication are primed to achieve their goals.


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AAYM conducts a short-term fellowship to train medical graduates in research methodology and help them with publication.

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